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At Relax Retreat, we believe that a quality and well selected traveling experience improves well-being. We are passionate about wellness-tourism and travel. Hence, we provide tourists and explorers with top options of boutique hotels, spas, and other top relaxation places in their respective destinations. Our selected quality list of properties gives you exciting options of hotels and spas to choose from for your next trip. What’s more? Each entry in our list comes with a guarantee of top quality. We take the time to visit and inspect all properties from our partners before listing them on our platform. We want to ensure that you never have to worry about the quality of our property listings. At Relax Retreat, we do not only make booking a walk in the park but also does that without charging you a dime. That is, using our platform doesn’t come with any booking fee. With us, you get nothing short of top-quality experience and property for your trips.


Relax Retreat is an online booking platform for hotels/accommodations that allows potential travellers and tourists to access and book the right boutique hotels and spas in unique locations around the world. By leveraging our years of experience, we have come up with a carefully-curated listing of top boutique hotels and spas just for you.
Each of our listings comes with detailed information that makes the decision-making process fast and easy for you. And with a few clicks, you can book befitting accommodation and experiences that will make your trip memorable.


Working in the city is fast paced and can be hectic, wellness and personal care can often be neglected. Sometimes we as humans need to press pause and re-charge. Whether you’re into a relaxing spa break or a yoga retreat, Relax | Retreat can help you find a sanctuary to suit your needs.


As an accommodation provider, your property will be showcased and given the attention it deserves. Our aim is to build a quality property network, as opposed to an extensive online directory where it can prove challenging to compete with numerous establishments. Our platform gives you total control and responsibility over your listing. Therefore you can establish your own rules, rates and booking conditions.

The small print

We do not sell accommodations our providers do, any booking made on this platform will enter into a direct contractual relationship with the accommodation provider. All information displayed on accommodations such as price, availability is at the discretion of the provider.

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We have carefully selected unique locations off the beaten track so you can unwind and discover untouched beaches and beautiful authentic parts of the world.

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